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  1. TheAlgorithm476

    Plz HELP!

    I just tried to log in, as a normal player, did /login <password>, with <password> my password, but it failed to log me in... Now I'm banned... How can I play on this server if I can't even log in???
  2. TheAlgorithm476

    Can someone contact staff?

    Help, I got stuck at spawn, I enter /login, with my password, but he doesn't accept it because I have to be logged in to chat... Bastaboii is going around me, but doesn't understand what I mean... HELP ME!!
  3. TheAlgorithm476

    My Staff Application - TheAlgorithm476

    Minecraft Username: My in-game username is TheAlgorithm476, I played previously when my username was DarkTrigger476 Age: I'm 14 years old, I know I do not meet the requirement here, but I'm Developer on Redstone Man (a project of some friends and me) What languages do you speak or understand...
  4. TheAlgorithm476

    Problemo with logging in...

    Hi everyone, It's very nice to meet you all, but I'm looking for staff... If I join the server, I an't move, it says I have to log in, but my password get rejected all time... I played earlier, on another account, but it's stupid I can't play because of this