Frequently asked questions.

Server FAQ

->Server related questions

Q-What is the server ip?

A- Play.zatoxpvp.com

Q-What version is the sever running on?

A- Currently the server is running 1.8.9 but you can join the server with the versions 1.7 till 1.14. There are some small glitches with the 1.12+ versions so we recommend using the 1.8.8 version for ultimate pleasure.

Q-How do I get another rank than member?

A- Using /buy you can buy special ranks that include nice perks. It also supports the server and you are just supper awesome! :)

Q-How do I support the server without donation any money?

A- The best thing to support is is by voting on all 6 vote sites. Do /vote in-game to see all the vote links. This will also give you nice rewards.

Q-What to do if I catch a hacker?

A- Try gathering as much (video)proof as possible and contact an admin or higher as soon as possible. You can also create a player report on the forum.

Q-I have premium Minecraft but I don’t see my skin in-game

A- Type /premium twice and relog to see your skin magically appear :)

Q-I found a bug/ glitch what should I do?

A- Contact a staff member as soon as possible in private.

Abusing any glitch or bug will result in severe punishments!

->Faction related questions

Q-How do I create a faction?

A- /f create [Faction name]

Q-Is raiding allowed?

A-Yes, raiding is allowed and the loss of stuff is entirely onto yourself.

Q-How do I protect my base?

A- Best is to claim your base and make it as protected as possible using water and obsidian. You can claim your base using the command /f claim.

Q-How do I invite people into my faction?

A- /f invite [player name]

You can use /f fly to fly in your claimed area even if you don’t have a rank.

->Economy related questions

Q-How do I earn money?

A- Best way is to farm or grind mob-spawners and use /sell hand to sell your earned stuff.

You can also use /vote daily to earn money (and have a chance of earning more from the vote keys)

The casino is also a great way to test your luck but it is never sure that you will come out with more money ;)

Q-I have rare items that I want to sell. Where do I sell this?

A- Using /ah you can auction stuff to other players. This does take more time but it can result in higher profits.

This is also a great place to buy stuff from other players but be cautious because scamming is allowed.

For problems you can always join the discord server


And chat with a staff member or you can pm a staff member on the website.

The FAQ is still a work in progress and changes will be made regularly. If you have suggestions or comments feel free to contact [Helper]Bastaboii